Two Worlds

So we have another little one on the way, which we’re quite chuffed about. Number Two will be only 20 months younger than Zane when born, so we’re interested to see how the dynamic of our family changes. Will Zane be a great “big” brother, or will he try to sit on baby’s head out of jealousy? 

Being pregnant, Jas doesn’t work. She stays at home to look after Zane and to grow his little sibling. Sounds easy? Well, the phrase “you can’t do two things at once” makes a point. And despite what women boastfully say about being multi-taskers, looking after an energetic little boy whilst producing new life isn’t a gentle wander in the woods.

While Jas and Zane are at home, I spend most of my week days in an office, a clean, tidy and quiet environment where people don’t move about much. I have a cup of tea at 10:30. Order reigns. It’s a world apart from home where a very small person runs rampant.

This was clearly illustrated when I came home one day from work and stepped in the door to find my beloved wife lying on the floor in the middle of the kitchen - seemingly unconscious - surrounded by what appeared to be the contents of every single cupboard in our little home. There was stuff everywhere; some items I had never even seen before and no article was more than a few centimetres from another. 

My first impression was that a tornado had struck, that an angry twister had slunk down from the heavens, come in through the front door and proceeded to stir the entire contents of our flat up as though it was a blender on “high” before leaving by the bathroom window, knocking Jas out in the process.

As I surveyed the incredible wreckage, Zane toddled into view clutching a hairbrush and a baseball. He was a picture of innocence. “Goh”, he said, nonchalantly pointing at his exhausted mum on the floor. He had no idea that Jas had expended all her energy reserves just trying to keep up with our cyclone of a boy. Hurricane Zane.

Jas stirred, looked tiredly up at me, and then went back to sleep.

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