Hidden Treasure

Worrisome white goods

Our new washing machine suddenly started thumping. It’s a bit concerning when new and expensive white goods begin making uncharacteristic sounds that made our bathroom sound like a nightclub.

I’d found a copy of the washing machine warranty by the time the spin cycle had kicked in and was ready to call the department store from whence it came. But then Jas emptied the machine and found the banging culprit inside: it was my mobile phone - in pieces. Zane had clearly thought that it required a wash.

Miraculously, when I put it all together it powered up! Hurrah to Nokia for building such robust devices. Unfortunately it instructed me to “Insert SIM”. The SIM card was nowhere to be found. I’m sure it was spotlessly clean and halfway to our local waste centre.

Hidden treasure

Jas had lost a book; it was not in any of the locations in which a book would typically reside in our home. She looked high and low for it.

She only needed to look low, for it was under the bed.

It was stashed together with a little cache of other random items. Besides the book there was:
1 pen
1 bottle of lime essence
2 torn tissues
1 solitary cornflake

There was no question as to how these things came to be carefully pushed out of sight. Our little bowerbird of a boy has taken to sliding articles underneath furniture.

Anything with a thickness of 2 cm or less was at risk of completely disappearing from view. Items that Zane seemed to find valuable – or maybe offensive – were not just shoved underneath furniture, but purposefully pushed back as far as his little fingers could reach so that there was little chance of them being seen at all.

I’ve nothing to say about the cornflake. I’m sure it has a very interesting story to tell.

A spicy mystery

Our spice jars went missing. The full set had disappeared from the cupboard; all the other condiments – the sauces, the pesto, the nuts - quietly rested in their place keeping tight-lipped about the vacant space left by their herb and spice neighbours. But no prizes for guessing who was responsible, eh?

But where did they go? Zane naturally gave a blank look when asked about their whereabouts. Our place isn’t that big, yet Jas spent quite a while looking for them - in other cupboards, behind the couch, in the washing basket, in his bed, in the bath. Thankfully we kept the toilet door shut at all times.

And guess what? Those slim 30 gram spice jars roll perfectly under the fridge. 

Zane had learnt how to bowl.

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